From the plains

by Saagar

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This is the first release of the project it was recorded in Samael Studios from June to August of 2011. "From the plains" is a declarations to the south forest and woods of South America, all their mysticism, their people and hystory, is about the spiritualism in the old teachings from this part of the country, wich is called "Entre Ríos" (in english is "the land of the two rivers"). In terms of music, the albums tries to combine elements from the black metal with the viking feelin of Bathory and Death metal.


released August 16, 2011

Saagar Den Røde - Everything

Art Design by Saagar & Margott

Later in 2011 was releases in limited tape edition (100 copies) by Depressive Illusion Records



all rights reserved


Saagar Concepción Del Uruguay, Argentina

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Track Name: Chilam's Prophecies
stories in the village
about serpents at the sea
ridden by the gods, different than kukulkan
bless us dear itzamna, our will and destiny
that the dreams of Hunab's sons, make them real, make them live

men's flesh is given to the gods and their will
but there`s a prophecy in the twilight, the storm is really near
they tell about a cross painted in their wings by mothers blood
and there's no hope

Darkness arrive
the fall of the gods
said the Chilam

There is no espace
the end of our species
red horizon

his eyes turned to white
a whisper is said
the terminal war

at the east coast of this land
lays the beast dead at his shore
made of trees stacked one by one
is the mighty lord of the woods

there's white man on his back
screaming teachings from his crook
i can read it so fine and clear
every nature will succumb

We're light of stars shining
in the brighting night of itzamna
and we die with him tonight

Darkness arrive
the fall of the gods
said the Chilam

There is no espace
the end of our species
red horizon

And the cross stands still
buried in our flesh
till the end of times
our curse will live again

rain falls peacefully
just like teardrops of my blood
acroos the shores to the sea
memory is falling in the ocean
Sun, bury me in the twilight
and remember this words forevermore
The sun will never rise
Track Name: Emerald Forest
the emerald light lives in the heart of my land
beyond the river gates deep in a nature dream
few men reached its taste they died with its secrets
through sandbanks open the door stretch out your hand

so blinded kings had covered the sky with
baseness, my hate, a rainbow of fire

a killer machine, erradicate, every waste of this planet
just blow away

the emerald light gave reason to be, in this forest my soul rest in peace
like an astral dream that i want to live again leave this world
be one with the nature.

Emerald forest, golden sun
where i was born so proudly

ghost of the forgotten
ethereal fog dances high on the trees
Like Whispers, eternal whispers
calling me

a killer machine, erradicate, every waste of this planet
make justice yourself, burn us wherever we are
just blow away

The emerald light teachs the outrageous young souls to be forgiven
erase the infected blood, religion, ilusion, the temples all on fire
I hate you with every single cell
Track Name: Fallen Thunder
Mighty lord of Asgard I recall your power again
To ride this life so in vain, a Hammerheart full of pain
Valkyes took you there, where the fallen thunder shout your name
Odin couldn't wait to fight with him against the hordes

Quorthon supreme, his ascention
a Stone ship at the sea, burning so higher
All the Nordic hymns means nothing to me
one song is for the brave, One rode to Asa bay

Creator hear my voice through the mountains and forevermore
give me power, give me steel to fight alone the tyranny
Against the wind this void inside is killing me
fill my lungs with brutality, my eyes are seeking for revenge

Demons arrive to the battlefield claiming that you are the one
but only you know who you are, the key...FALLEN THUNDER

Night, the deception is over here
"shades're here for anyone", master of all the keys
Track Name: Profecias del Chilam
Se cuenta tras los muros de serpientes en el mar
cabalgadas por los dioses dioses distintos a kukulkan
itzamná acobija nuestros sueños y bienestar
que a los hijos de Hunab su ocaso no vendra

los hombras se tributan se ofrecen de par en par
y el crepusculo profesa el venir de un huracán
cuentan de una cruz y en sus alas que el viento traerá
y no hay fuerzas ni ezperanzas

muere otro dios, dijo el chilam
terminacion de sangre y ardor
la fruta cayo un triste final
dijo el chilam

y en la costa de esta tierra yace muerte la bestia
hecha de arboles muertos un gigante en madera
un hombre blanco en su espalda grita en lenguas extrañas
la leyenda era cierta todo lo malo vendra

Somos manto de estrellas en la noche de Zamna
y con el escaparemos

muere otro dios, dijo el chilam
horizantede sangre y ardor
la fruta cayo un triste final
dijo el chilam

Buen destino de esa cruz
teñida en carne
Que las sombras de Hun-camé
destierren su mal

y la lluvia que agoniza lleva todo hacia al mar
tras sus pasos ya los dioses el fuego consumirá
son lagrimas cayendo en el rostro negro de un shaman
el solo no volverá....